How to Transport Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

As Christmas time rolls around, many of you will take part in the classic holiday tradition of setting out with your family to bring home the perfect Christmas tree. However, this can be rather tricky if you aren’t prepared or don’t have a car that easily transports a tree. Here’s a quick how-to guide from Fullen Motor Company to make sure you transport your Christmas tree home easily and safely.

  1. Wear warm clothes and thick gloves – it’s no fun to be pricked by the evergreen tree’s needles while carrying it.
  2. Bring a tarp or other cloth to keep the evergreen needles contained and to protect the interior of your car (if you’re putting the tree in your car) or your car’s paint job (if you’re putting it on the roof of your car).
  3. Bring rope to tightly bind your tree and secure it to the top of the car, if needed. Remember to put the stump near the front of your car for greater stability.
  4. Plan out your route beforehand, trying to avoid busy roads and highways. We don’t want you to have any accidents during the holiday season!
  5. Employ the other technologies of your car to keep everyone in the holiday spirit – for example, connect your smartphone to the infotainment system to play you and your family’s favorite Christmas tunes.
  6. Enjoy setting up the tree with your loved ones.

Happy holidays from all of us at Fullen Motor Company!