Signs of Car Trouble You Should Never Ignore

Signs of Car Trouble You Should Never Ignore

Unfortunately, all cars need service or repairs at some point. And while good a regular maintenance routine including oil changes is a good way to keep you car in great shape, normal wear and tear will cause problems eventually. Here are some of the most common signs of car trouble. If anything of these things is happening to your vehicle, it’s time to schedule a visit with your technician.                               

Squealing sounds when you start the car or A/C

If you notice a very high-pitched squealing sound when you start your or when you engage the air conditioning system, it’s likely that your car’s serpentine built is malfunctioning. Fortunately, a serpentine built is easily replaceable, so don’t wait to take care of it!

Green liquid coming from engine

Green liquid coming from the engine typically means you car is leaking coolant. Without proper coolant levels, your car’s engine could overheat and do some serious damage.

Grinding when stopping

If you hear a grinding sound when coming to a stop, your car’s brake pads, rotors, and calibers could be in bad shape. Since your car’s brakes are so important to overall safety, this issue should be addressed as quickly as possible.


If you observe any of these signs, or you notice any other issues, make an appointment to talk to the service department at Fullen Motor Company.