Start your Summer Right with a Texas Road Trip

Road Trips in Texas | Fullen Motor Company | Eastland, TX

Texas is king of the road trip. With such varied landscapes, so much history, and so many cuisines and cultures to offer, the largest of the Lower 48 states always has somewhere new and exciting to explore. Pack up your car and answer the call of adventure on a memorable Texas road trip today. 

Route 66

Route 66 cuts nearly 200 miles through the Texas panhandle. While no single trip can showcase all that Texas has to offer, the best way to experience the nostalgic side of the state is to glide through the ghost towns of this historic highway. For example, Amarillo is home to sights like Cadillac Ranch and the bustling cowboys at the livestock auctions.   

West Texas

While the region is a bit off the beaten path, the natural splendor of West Texas is unrivaled. Its main attraction, Big Bend National Park, is a five-hour drive from El Paso and six from San Antonio, but its isolation elevates its allure. Sun-soaked cliffs and valleys seem to cradle every horizon. Experience the pristine flora and fauna of the park on over 150 miles of hiking trails.

San Antonio

San Antonio’s rich colonial history, revitalized downtown landscape, and complex cultural heritage make it a key destination for any Texas road-tripper. The city is the epicenter of Tex-Mex cuisine, and home to the storied Alamo. You’ll love this unique and vibrant metropolis.

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Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Dangers of Drowsy Driving | Fullen Motor Company | Eastland, TX

Whether you’ve been driving for days on a work trip or you’re just trying to make it through your morning commute, you might find yourself feeling sleepy and having trouble concentrating on the road. Drowsy driving can be extremely dangerous, so follow these safety tips.

Know the Signs

If you’re yawning a lot and can’t keep your eyes open, you’re drifting into other lanes, missing exits, braking suddenly after getting too close to another vehicle, or any active safety feature your car is equipped with is giving you frequent warnings, you’re in serious danger of driving when drowsy.

Stay Focused

  • Don’t travel alone. Having a passenger who stays awake in the car can help you stay focused.
  • Drink caffeine. Coffee and energy drinks can help you stay awake, but don’t rely on them in place of sleep — if you’re driving on no sleep at all, your odds of getting in an accident are dangerously high.
  • Pull over. If you’re too tired to stay awake, get off the road. Drive in shifts by alternating seats with your driver every so often. Find a safe spot to take a short nap, or check into a hotel and sleep for a few hours if you’re on a road trip by yourself.

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2020 GMC Sierra HD Revealed

2020 GMC Sierra HD | Fullen Motor Company | Eastland, TX

The 2020 GMC Sierra HD made its big debut, and it features greater towing capacity than ever, new segment-exclusive technologies, more space, and fresh new styling that retains the Sierra’s rugged looks. Designed for work, the Sierra HD is packed with features that not only let you tow and haul more, but make the job easier.

The new Sierra HD will come with a ProGrade Trailering system with 15 camera views, including the first-ever transparent trailer view, which compiles images together to essentially see through the trailer. Its Rear Camera Mirror is also a first in the heavy-duty truck segment.

The 15-inch diagonal head-up display is another feature exclusive to the Sierra HD that tells you information about navigation, the incline of the road you’re on, and other valuable trailering data. The world-first six-function MultiPro tailgate and the smart trailer with iN∙Command® control system also add functionality and convenience to the Sierra HD.

The Sierra HD is all-around bigger, too, with a longer wheelbase and taller overall height, class-leading bed cargo volume, and best-in-class front headroom and legroom in the Crew Cab. Not only can you pack in more cargo in the Sierra HD than any other truck—you also get a more comfortable ride.

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