3 Easy Ways to Help Your Car Tires Last Longer

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We at Blake Fulenwider Chevrolet Buick GMC want you to get the most out of your tires, so try these tips to help your car tires last longer.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is key and should be checked every month. Tires tend to lose about a pound per square inch, or one PSI, of pressure each month. Cold temperatures can lower air pressure, and the hot summer months can raise the pressure, so check the status often.

Proper tire inflation also has the benefits of improving fuel efficiency, since underinflated tires mean lower mpg rates and less overall safety. The NHTSA found that 1 in every 11 crashes were due to tire issues.


Tires begin to wear unevenly when they remain on the same wheel for their lifespan. Front-wheel vehicles will see their front tires wear faster, just as rear-wheeled vehicles will see it in their rear tires. Even all-wheel drive vehicles have uneven tire wear since the system sends more power to different wheels to provide the enhanced traction. Having your tires rotated every 5,000 miles allows for better wear and longer life.


Every six months, take your car in for alignment. When you hit a pothole or bump a curb the alignment of the vehicle can easily go out of place. This results in excessive vibration or the vehicle pulling to the left or the right while driving. Your vehicle will continue to run fine but it can create uneven wear on the tires and lower fuel efficiency.

If you need a new set of tires or an alignment, bring your car to Blake Fulenwider Chevrolet Buick GMC.

3 Seasonal Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Ride Healthy

Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Ride Healthy


If nothing is seriously wrong with your vehicle, it’s easy to forget about routine upkeep. Instead of waiting for a dashboard warning light to illuminate or a serious malfunction to occur, keep your vehicle in the best shape possible with these seasonal car maintenance tips from Fullen Motors.                        

Replace your wiper blades

Cold winter nights and unpredictable weather patterns put an extra strain on your windshield wipers. As spring begins, check your wiper blades to make sure they’re not cracked, bent, or otherwise damaged. If they are, it’s time to replace them.


Get a wash

Perhaps it seems like a purely cosmetic concern, but keeping your car’s exterior clean can also prevent rust damage and help you notice any other body damage. Regularly washing your car is also a great way to protect its future resale value. Plus, driving a clean car is just more fun.


Monitor fluids

Make a habit of checking your car’s fluids on a seasonal basis. Be sure to include windshield wiper fluid and coolant as well as your oil. Regularly doing this will help keep your car functioning safely and efficiently.


As the seasons change around you, consistently following these maintenance tips is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to ensure that your car performs as well as possible all year long. Take your vehicle to Fullen Motor Co. to make sure it’s in tip-top shape!